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EKKE (RCMG - Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece) is a working class, communist organization that develops through the working people’s struggles and serves the working class and the people; relies upon the theoretical background of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought; learns from the work of all great working class revolutionaries and theorists, all authentic revolutionary movements, as well as the Greek revolutionary communist movement. Theory is not a dogma, but an instrument used for action. Every authentic social revolution draws inspiration from previous ones; however, it is always compelled to develop new ideas and respond to a modified reality and new necessities.

EKKE was founded in 1970 to contrast with antirevolutionary revisionism that led “actually existing socialism” to the complete restoration of capitalism, and the world communist movement to degeneration and fragmentation; it denounced the arbitrary imposition of antirevolutionary revisionists on the Greek working people’s communist movement; supported the need for reorganizing the working people’s  revolutionary communist party and sought a militant alternative to the anti-dictatorial Greek movement, at the time brought to a deadlock; fought for the revival of communist and revolutionary ideas, clashed boldly with reaction and fascism, culminating in a vanguard contribution to the People’s Revolt at the Polytechnic School of Athens, in 1973.

During the after-junta period it actively participated in every social and political confrontation, fought for democratic and trade-unionist achievements, for the working people’s financial relief, for national independence, democracy and social emancipation in Greece and Cyprus; denounced the capitalist restoration under the standard of “actually existing socialism”, the counter-revolutionary politics of the social-imperialist USSR, the reactionary race between the USA and the USSR; struggled for a revolutionary integration of all communists into one party, seeking a road towards socialist revolution.

During its militant course, EKKE committed left- as well as rightwing errors, suffered serious losses, but held out victoriously and stood up to the liquidating currents that tried to overcome it.

Today EKKE is fighting against our country’s parasitical ruling bourgeoisie, against capitalism, imperialist “globalization”, and multinational monopolies. These powers are leading to a disintegrating crisis, to the demolition and selling out of productive forces and public accumulated wealth, to an intensive exploitation of working people, to the destruction of agricultural economy, to mass unemployment, to a deteriorating position for women, young people, immigrants, minorities; they are fostering, in the extreme, the most reactionary elements that ever existed in Greece’s dependent capitalist society, a new deceptive collective megalomania around the idea of a supposedly “powerful Greece”, servitude, individualism, apolitical stance, and cultural vulgarity. ΕΚΚΕ fights against imperialist interventions and war, especially against the imposition, under the tutelage of the USA, of the reactionary “New Order” upon our country and region, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, the Aegean Sea and Cyprus. It struggles for the dissolution of NATO, to achieve our country’s  immediate pulling out of this organization, and for the dismantlement of all American bases; for the development of internationalist solidarity and common struggles between peoples of the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East, for the fraternization of Greek and Turkish Cypriots against imperialism, against partition and militarization; it struggles along with Europe’s working people for the dismantlement of and release from the imperialist European Union; for a new Europe of the working people, for egalitarian co-existence of all peoples and for social emancipation. According to the strategic notion upheld by EKKE, crushing the bourgeois bureaucratic and oppressive state mechanism and achieving political and economical power constitutes a necessary condition in order for the working class to be consolidated, and for the flourishing of a socialist society. Building socialism as a transitory society between capitalism and communism will require a long historical period of class struggles under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, so that all remnants of the exploiting classes and their reactionary ideological and political influence are eliminated; all danger of capitalist restoration is fended off; Proletarian Democracy with the militant participation of the masses is developed; every single creative force of the working class and people is liberated; all class differences are resolved and we have passed on to a classless society.

Under the present conditions, EKKE fights to develop a class-militant unity of the working people against attacks by the big foreign and local capital; elaborates a transitory program in order to defend and extend popular achievements and rights within the limits of the bourgeois regime, to change the balance of power and get closer to revolution.

EKKE deems necessary the struggle against rightwing as much as against “leftwing” opportunism inside the left and communist movement. Resolutely supports the fight against splintering off of the revolutionary Left, promotes an independent, mass political and social front, a “pole” of anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist forces from within the lines of the Anticapitalist Left Cooperation fot the Overthrow (ANTARSYA), and the Militant Initiative. This is an essential prerequisite for reforming and restructuring the working class’s revolutionary communist movement under today’s circumstances, achieving a broader unity among working people and large popular masses, waging victorious working people’s struggles, regenerating a socialist and communist perspective.

In its social and political struggles, EKKE draws particular inspiration from the great revolutionary traditions of the former heroic Communist Party of Greece, our working class and our people; that CPG which, under the leadership of Nikos Zahariades, developed the ability not only to persist in its strategic goals for revolution, but also to seek a specific path for their achievement, through the necessary social and political alliances that will militantly mobilize the masses.

The heroic course of the Greek communist movement, with its great positive, as well as negative experiences and mistakes, was violently interrupted by the Soviet intervention and the coup d’etat in the years ‘55’-‘56. A black page of this intervention was written with the physical elimination of Nikos Zahariades, captive of the soviets between 1956 and 1973. Reconstruction of the revolutionary Communist Party of the Greek working class under the present circumstances will not only vindicate our past important revolutionary struggles, but will also become a fundamental requisite for an overall restoration of our working and popular movement.

EKKE denounces the international anticommunist campaign conducted by imperialism and the capital, upholds the momentous achievements of Lenin’s and Stalin’s USSR and of the socialist camp; fights for the restoration of world-wide and Greek communist movements; unites with all authentic communist parties and organizations of the world, on the basis of internationalist solidarity, independence and autonomy for every individual party; supports every country that seeks its own path towards socialism; steadily supports every anti-imperialist liberating movement.

Greek revolution constitutes a part of the world socialist revolution that relies upon the struggles of the world’s working class and the peoples’ national liberating struggles.


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